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Who is A High-Functioning Alcoholic?


One of the grave dangers of alcoholism is that many people don’t realize or refuse to believe they are alcoholics. This is because a lot of alcoholics can easily go about their daily lives. When people imagine an alcoholic, they imagine someone whose life is completely destroyed by alcohol. Yet, someone could be an alcohol abuser can still be very successful. Sometimes their success even makes people forgive their alcohol problem. The issue is, if alcoholics are not treated, they will continue to get worse, and alcohol will destroy their lives completely. 

Coping with Alcohol

One of the most significant signs someone may be abusing alcohol is when they use alcohol to deal. This means they drink in response to events that happen in life. Any alcohol used for coping has already started turning the gears. Someone might use alcohol to deal with stress, reduce anxiety or feel happier after a bad day.  All of these drinks can imply that a person is a high-functioning alcoholic.

Using Alcohol for All Situations

While there is nothing wrong with drinking socially, most people do not drink at every single social event. If you find yourself drinking whenever you go out or hang with friends, you are probably abusing alcohol.

Drinking Alone

If you find yourself frequently drinking alone, this is a big sign that you may be an alcoholic. You might feel that having a can of beer every night is okay, but it is likely you have already started to rely on alcohol to get through the day. This can even cause people to begin drinking alone in secret.

Binge Drinking All the Time

Binge drinking means that when you drink, you drink a lot. A lot of alcoholics don’t realize that a lot of people don’t always drink to get drunk. If you find that whenever you start to drink you need to be drunk before you stop, this is a sign you might have a problem. Doing this will also increase your tolerance. You will need to drink a lot more alcohol to get drunk. It becomes a dangerous cycle.

Experiencing Withdrawals

If you take breaks from drinking and find that you get irritable, it is likely you are experiencing withdrawal. Alcohol withdrawal is different for everyone, and sometimes the smaller symptoms don’t look like withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms can include anxiety, depression or even the feeling of tiredness.

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