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The Face of an Alcoholic

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An alcoholic’s symptoms are one of the least easy diseases to spot with the common eye.  Since alcohol is accessible and legal, there are tons of people who partake in it. Alcoholics also have a harder time reaching out for help because many people don’t believe you can be addicted to something so accessible. To combat this, people need to learn about the disease.

Stages of Alcoholism

There are different stages of alcoholism because alcohol’s consequences aren’t usually immediate. The consequences start slowly and grow as you keep drinking. It is highly recommended you admit you have a disease early before the effects of drinking become too serious.

  • First Stage – This stage is the hardest to admit you are an alcoholic. If you feel you drink a lot and often, you have entered it.
  • Second Stage – You can fulfill your essential duties in life. However, people find it harder to have a relationship with you. A lot of times, people at this stage are called functioning alcoholics.
  • Third Stage – You no longer know how to take care of important duties in your life. Many people think this is when someone turns into an alcoholic, but this stage is actually the last.


The acronym CAGE helps someone learn if they are an alcoholic. If you have answered yes to any of the following questions, there is a high chance you are an alcoholic.

  • C – In your life, did you think about Cutting down?
  • A – Is it Annoying when people comment on your drinking habits?
  • G – Do you feel Guilty or hate your drinking habits?
  • E – An Eye opener drink refers to drinks in the morning that are not related to specific social occasions. Have you ever had one of those before?


Alcohol is a depressant which means when you stop drinking your brain will produce an excess amount of adrenaline to recover. This adrenaline can cause minor withdrawal symptoms but can also create life-threatening symptoms. If you suddenly stop after drinking heavily for a long time, it can cause hallucinations, heart attacks and seizures. It is highly recommended you do not stop drinking without a detox.


  • Men should not drink more than four drinks a day. If they are drinking on multiple days in a week, they should not drink more than 14 in a week.
  • Women should not drink more than three drinks a day. If they are drinking on multiple days in a week, they should not drink more than 7 in a week.

The habit of drinking alcohol commonly starts in college. This happens because students prone to drink a lot sometimes think everyone around them is drinking the same amount as they are. The myth that every college student drinks to get drunk is entirely wrong. The truth is, most college students count their drinks.

  • 50% do not drink more than 1 drink every week.
  • 90% do not drink more than 13 drinks every week.
  • Only 5% drink at least 20 drinks every week.
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