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Success Stories

I hurt my wife, my kids, and my parents. I lied to them; stole from them just to get money on alcohol. When my wife and kids got sick of my drinking, I‘d go to my parent’s. When my parents got sick of my drinking, I’d go to my wife and kids. I always kept my job, and my coworkers would drink with me, so I never thought it was an issue. Finally, my whole family staged an intervention with me. Watching them cry and seeing how difficult I made their lives really made me want to change. At first, I didn’t think I could face them ever again. Alcohol Abuse Rehab and Treatment has taught me how to forgive myself bit by bit. My favorite thing about sobriety is that you get to see the positive effects almost immediately.
Bob Jackson
My drinking days made my relationship with my three kids very bumpy. I love them very much but being a single mom was not easy. At first, I was the cool wine drunk mom that all the kids were jealous of because I gave my kids so much freedom. As they grew older, they became wiser. They noticed that I would miss essential school events because I was too drunk to drive. I realized I needed help when I almost killed my baby girl in a car accident. I picked her up from school, and she knew I was drunk, but I told her I was okay. I was informed that I would lose my custody over my kids. The doctors recommended Alcohol Abuse Rehab and Treatment, and it has really changed my life. My kids are a lot happier to see me and they tell me they are so proud of me.
Anna Smith
I started drinking in college heavily after I broke up with my first girlfriend. I was alone and didn’t have any friends. Drinking helped me find new ones, and we would drink every day even before class. It started to affect my grades, and slowly my drinking buddies stopped drinking so much. I wasn’t able to stop, and those friends began to disappear. When I realized I was alone, I checked myself into Alcohol Abuse Rehab and Treatment. Since then, I have completed college and now work as a museum curator. I love my job and have made many new friends that share my interest in art.
John Doe